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Tim Farmer, Comentis

Why wealth doesn’t insulate against financial vulnerability

While there is a widespread misconception that it is not possible for wealthy individuals to be at risk of financial vulnerability, advisers should ensure all clients are being appropriately supported, writes Tim Farmer, clinical director at Comentis

Christine Gill, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Younger generations urge family offices to embrace digital world

Family offices’ adoption of technology has risen drastically in recent years though there is still a long way to go

Arnaud Tellier, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Asia’s rising prosperity creates boom market for wealth management

There is huge demand for wealth management services across northern and south-east Asia, although the recent crises around Credit Suisse and SVB are leading wealthy families to re-assess their banking providers

Daniel Pinto, Stanhope Capital

Stanhope filters out the noise to take long-term approach

The multi-family office’s founding partner reflects on Brexit and explains how changing investment rules around private equity could unlock London’s tech potential

Malik Sarwar, Global Leader Group

The lessons learned from SVB and Credit Suisse

The global financial system remains brittle, but steps can be taken to make it more resilient, writes Malik Sarwar

Nneka Orji, Alvarez & Marsal

How to close the wealth gap between men and women

Women tend to invest less than men and are less likely to occupy senior wealth management roles. But this can change, argues Nneka Orji from Alvarez & Marsal

Credit Suisse GET

Fear of contagion follows bank failures

Mass hysteria can override fundamentals in today’s volatile market environment, but private banks also highlight investment opportunities

GET-Credit suisse thumbnail-1249133855

Credit Suisse’s collapse reshapes wealth management

While the acquisition of its nemesis Credit Suisse may seem an open goal for UBS, the resulting behemoth leaves small banks poised to soak up both lost assets and cut talent

Alois Pirker

UBS holds the keys as it acquires Credit Suisse

Something that many have considered unthinkable happened with UBS’s buyout of Credit Suisse, but this mega-merger is not without its own, very real risks.

Amy Lo, UBS Wealth Management

Hong Kong's wealth managers braced for a bumpy ride

China's re-opening has given Hong Kong a boost, but the wealth industry faces a battle to attract and retain talent 

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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