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Amy Lo, UBS Wealth Management

Hong Kong's wealth managers braced for a bumpy ride

China's re-opening has given Hong Kong a boost, but the wealth industry faces a battle to attract and retain talent 

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Global Asset Tracker: Demand for sustainable solutions expected to grow

Clients interested in sustainability are of a long-term mindset and not put off by market volatility and oil price spikes

Alix Lebec, Lebec Consulting

Empowering emerging markets to achieve a just transition

Private capital is key to helping developing economies reduce emissions and adapt to global warming, yet many investors perceive them as too risky


Andrew Lee, UBS Global Wealth Management

Calls for impact strategies across entire portfolios

The ability to create positive impact through investments has mainly been the preserve of private markets, but is expanding into other asset classes

Victoria Repa, BetterMe

Communication is key for Ukraine’s entrepreneurs

While President Zelenskyy has been calling for weapons to fight the Russian invaders, he is also appealing for investment to help rebuild the country

Mayur Nallamala, RBC BlueBay Asset Management

Have investors missed the boat on China’s equity rally?

Mayur Nallamala, head of Asian equity at RBC BlueBay Asset Management, believes there are still opportunities available in Chinese stocks, while the recent rally should benefit the wider region

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Wealth managers tread softly as Asia reopens

Western banks expect Asia-Pacific growth to pick-up now China has emerged from lockdown, but are careful not to put all their eggs in one basket by diversifying across the region

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Rebuilding the wealth management business model

Although popular with clients, the long-standing ‘one bank’ business model is no longer ubiquitous, with boutique firms also starting to shine

Raphael Gallardo, Carmignac

Geopolitics front and centre of Carmignac’s thinking

The French asset manager’s chief economist, Raphael Gallardo, speaks to PWM about the impact of the war in Ukraine, the future of Europe and the tribalisation of US politics

James Gifford, Credit Suisse
From FinTech

Finding and funding the technologies which can meet the climate challenge

Meeting net zero emissions targets will require an entirely new range of technologies to be made commercially available at an unprecedented pace and global scale, requiring extraordinary investment capital

Mark Haefele, UBS GWM

Investment outlook 2023: things likely to get worse before they get better

Equity markets could be in for a rough ride this year, although there are opportunities in fixed income and alternatives

John Argi UBP

Hedge funds return to Swiss private banking menu

UBP is recommending a 15 per cent allocation to alternatives in a balanced portfolio, despite its experiences during the financial crisis

George Bory, Allspring Global Investments

Bonds are back, says Allspring chief

George Bory, chief fixed income strategist at Allspring Global Investments, says fixed income is once again a welcome component in investors' portfolios as they look to diversify away from volatile equities

Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From FinTech

BNP Paribas embraces external expertise to fulfil digital ambitions

Mariam Rassai, head of digital transformation and data at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, explains how strategic partnerships are key to improving the client experience

Olivier Paccalin, Société Générale

SocGen’s private banking unit seeks growth closer to home

Having pulled out of Asia and shut down its Russian operations, Société Générale’s wealth management arm is revamping its London business while seeking to work more closely with the wider group

Fund Selection - February 2023

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

Fund Selection - January 2023

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy


Crispin Royle-Davies, managing director and senior research analyst for public real assets at Nuveen, speaks to PWM about the key role of real estate assets in private portfolios.

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