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Colm Walsh, ICG Enterprise Trust

Private View Blog: Investors must look beyond public markets to achieve true diversification

Access to private markets is being increasingly democratised for individuals and family offices, but many are not yet taking advantage

Cristoph Courth, Pictet

Compounding crises keep Pictet’s philanthropy unit on its toes

Uncertainty caused by the pandemic, geopolitical crises and climate change mean philanthropists are more in need of advice than ever

Magnifying glass

The 2022 CBI Index: Due diligence and its vital role for the CBI Industry

A group of industry experts discuss the importance of stringent checks in protecting not only CBI jurisdictions’ reputations, but their citizens’ safety too. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

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Fixed income in focus
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From FinTech

Are cryptocurrencies the future of finance?

Anders Kvamme Jensen of the AK Jensen Group and Max Thowless-Reeves, founding partner and CIO, Sorbus Partners break down the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies

Cara Williams, Mercer

Financial firms prepare for changing of generational guard

Having an open and frank discussion about investment objectives is a key part of successful succession planning

Joe Parkin, BlackRock
From FinTech

‘Perfect storm’ of personal investing and technology transforms wealth market

BlackRock’s UK distribution supremo Joe Parkin explains how people having to take responsibility for their retirement has changed how the wealth industry serves its customers

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From Comment

Royal Family teaches wealth managers a lesson in succession planning

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the wealth management industry will watch the handover of responsibilities from one generation to the next with interest

The Queen © Chris Jackson/PA
From Comment

Banking leaders pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Senior figures in the financial services industry from around the world have been paying tribute to the Queen, who has died aged 96

Mark Steinberg, First Sentier Investors

First Sentier Investors takes its new name into new markets

The Australian asset management group, now under the ownership of Mitsubishi, is pushing its core specialities of global property and global listed infrastructure to an international audience

Kelli_Keough small
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Focusing on the customer, not the product, to win back trust

JP Morgan’s Kelli Keough talks to PWM about how analysing the behaviour of investors can help boost the relationship with advisers in a more client-centric future

China lockdown

Private View Blog: Short-term disruptions mask equities' longer-term strengths

Equity markets may be facing several short-term challenges, but the longer term picture is brighter, argues Anik Sen from PineBridge Investments

Massimo Doris, Mediolanum

Mediolanum’s multi-channel approach stands test of time

The Italian firm believes younger cohorts of clients will come to appreciate its advice-led business model

Catherine Keating, BNY Mellon

Bankers should be pillars of society believes BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon’s Catherine Keating feels a huge sense of fulfilment in helping families reach their investment goals and says this need for advice is only going to increase 

Pimpl Markus

Wary investors seek private assets as new source of ESG returns

Yuri Bender talks to Markus Pimpl, managing director of private wealth, Europe & Asia, at Partners Group, about the attractions and challenges of this in vogue asset class

PWM 0822 cover

Wealth managers must not forget their physical roots

While wealth managers need to embrace huge changes taking place in the social and technological spheres, they should not forget the importance of face-to-face advice

Fund Selection - September 2022

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

Fund Selection - August 2022

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy


Anders Kvamme Jensen, founder of the AKJ global brokerage and digital asset specialist, goes head to head with Max Thowless-Reeves, chief investment officer of Sorbus Partners private office, discussing technology, tokens and tradable electronic currencies, in a debate refereed by PWM's Yuri Bender.

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