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Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From FinTech

BNP Paribas embraces external expertise to fulfil digital ambitions

Mariam Rassai, head of digital transformation and data at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, explains how strategic partnerships are key to improving the client experience

Olivier Paccalin, Société Générale

SocGen’s private banking unit seeks growth closer to home

Having pulled out of Asia and shut down its Russian operations, Société Générale’s wealth management arm is revamping its London business while seeking to work more closely with the wider group

Sandra Schaufler 75x96

The whys and hows of impact investing

Nuveen explores strategies and objectives what this investment type brings to a diversified portfolio.


Matthias Born, Berenberg Wealth and Asset Management

Healthcare offers shelter from the recessionary storm if investors tread carefully

Innovative and best in class healthcare companies should continue to grow, but the sector is not without risk, writes Berenberg’s Matthias Born

David Cornell, Ocean Dial

India shines through emerging market gloom

Emerging market equities saw big losses in 2022, but while many countries face significant headwinds, there are also several bright spots to be found

Clare Stirzaker, Boodle Hatfield
From Comment

Ensuring generational wealth transfer plans are fit for purpose

Philanthropy and ESG are increasingly important to wealthy families and need to be firmly embedded in plans to transfer wealth to the next generation

Victoria Papworth, Coutts

All in the mind: dealing with private clients’ mental burdens

Wealthy individuals are not immune from struggles with their emotional wellbeing, with unprepared recipients of sudden wealth particularly vulnerable

James Corah, CCLA

CCLA acts as agent of change to address society’s ills

At the core of CCLA’s approach is the belief healthy markets require healthy communities, says head of sustainability James Corah

Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn, Aubrey Capital Management

European equities head towards calmer waters

The macro picture looks a little brighter than it did a few months ago, while European stocks are attractively priced, says Aubrey Capital Management‘s Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn 

PWM cover 1222

Wealth managers guilty of a case of mistaken identity

Private banks have frequently got it wrong in their approaches to expanding their client base. Improving the diversity of their workforces would be a good first step to putting things right

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How impact investing can help achieve the SDGs

Investing in projects associated with climate change, clean energy and affordable housing can ensure capital is directed to where it is needed most

Dominik Meier, Miller & Meier

Failed coup reflects divisions within German society

The foiled putsch in Berlin may not have widespread support, but is indicative of disagreements about German culture and the country’s relations with Europe, Russia and China

John Wyn-Evans, Invesco

Private View Blog: Protests in China add to global uncertainty

There seems little prospect of a speedy reversal of China’s zero-Covid policy or its growing tensions with the rest of the world, argues Investec’s John Wyn-Evans

Charles Chang

Fintech on Friday: China’s digital currency challenge

China has aggressively rolled out the e-CNY but the initiative has met with only partial success so far

Stéphane Monier, Bank Lombard Odier

Weighing the dynamics of US midterms and inflation

A divided Congress is likely to mean policy gridlock for the Biden administration, though the direction of monetary policy will be of more significance to markets

Fund Selection - January 2023

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

Fund Selection - December 2022

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

FT Wealth Management Summit: Key ideas and speakers

Join PWM and the FT for the highlights of our summit about delivering the three Ds: digitalisation, diversity and democratisation of investments in wealth management

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