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From Comment / Editor's Analysis June 24, 2022

Automating ESG investment will be no walk in the park

Keen to leverage their ethical and technological expertise, many private banks are promising to make ESG investing available through digital channels. But the challenges of providing this should not be underestimated

Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From Wealth Management / Profiles June 24, 2022

Bankers and engineers team up at BNP Paribas

Mariam Rassai has driven the digital transformation at French stalwart BNP Paribas Wealth Management and was determined to have clients involved from the outset

From Awards June 24, 2022

Wealth Tech Awards 2022: Winners and highly commended

Fifty-five private banks entered the fifth annual Wealth Tech Awards. The winners and highly commended banks are listed below

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From Awards June 24, 2022

Wealth Tech Awards 2022: Global winners


Willem Sels, HSBC
From FinTech June 17, 2022

Fintech on Friday: Should investors care about the metaverse?

We stand at the threshold of a new 3D virtual world of the metaverse. Where are the opportunities for investors?

Muriel Danis

Wealth managers face challenges to make sustainability default setting in portfolios

The benefits to running sustainable portfolios as standard for clients are widespread, but private banks must overcome a number of hurdles if they are to achieve this

ESG coins
From Comment / Great Debate April 6, 2022

Should private client portfolios be sustainable by default?

Eleonore Bedel, global head of sustainable investment at BNP Paribas Wealth Management and James Purcell, group head of sustainable investment at Quintet Private Bank, discuss the role of ESG in portfolios

Azamat Sultanov, Fortu Wealth
From FinTech June 10, 2022

Fintech on Friday: Is now the time to dive into crypto markets?

Crypto assets have gone mainstream, believes Azamat Sultanov, co-founder of Fortu Wealth, and with prices having dipped to pre-pandemic levels he believes now is the time to invest

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From Comment / Editor's Analysis April 25, 2022

‘Wreckers’ left stranded by need for new morality

Leaders in the wealth management industry are facing the most challenging period of their lives. To successfully overcome these hurdles, they will need to prove they can be flexible

Malik Sarwar
From Sustainability April 25, 2022

Diverse and decisive leadership required in times of crisis

Moral leadership is highly prized in the post-Covid world, according to PWM’s latest research

Treasa Ni Chonghaile, KBI Global Investors
From Sustainability April 22, 2022

War in Ukraine gives energy transition a renewed sense of urgency

Russian aggression has given policy-makers another reason to ditch fossil fuels, but they also need to ensure affordable energy for consumers and security of supply

Pierre Ramadier, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From Wealth Management / Private Banking April 12, 2022

BNP Paribas Wealth Management bids for bigger slice of entrepreneurial pie

An integrated, 'one bank' approach is the best way to service high end clients, believes BNP Paribas' Pierre Ramadier

Michael O'Sullivan

Private View Blog: Invasion of Ukraine signals death knell for globalisation

Many of the boons of an interconnected world – low inflation, peace and the spread of prosperity – are now being reversed, argues Mike O’Sullivan

Arnab Das, Invesco
From Asset Allocation / Portfolio Management March 30, 2022

Europe’s economic vulnerabilities could lead to closer political union

Already battered by Covid, Europe is ill-prepared to weather the inflationary storm which has been magnified by war in Ukraine. Will the continent find unity in adversity?

Jean Keller, Quaero Capital
From Comment March 29, 2022

Private View Blog: Could Russian attack herald a brighter future?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may lead to an even more divided world, but there is also a chance it could mean a thaw in Sino-US relations, a united Western world and even provide common ground for Republicans and Democrats, argues Quaero Capital’s Jean Keller  

From Fund Selection June 16, 2022

Fund Selection - June 2022

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

From Fund Selection May 11, 2022

Fund Selection - May 2022

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

Now in their fifth year, the PWM Wealth Tech Awards recognise the prominent role of technology in private banking.

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