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Anders Kvamme Jensen. AKJ
From FinTech January 12, 2022

Investors keen to catch rising crypto tide

Yuri Bender speaks to Anders Kvamme Jensen, founder and chairman of the AKJ crypto fund platform, about the latest crypto developments

Asian digital window
From FinTech January 5, 2022

Asian wealth management clients desire both digital delivery and customer service

Although Asian high net worth individuals are seeking low-cost digital delivery from their wealth managers, customer service and human interaction also remain important

PWM 20 year cover
From Comment / Editor's Analysis December 15, 2021

The bold, the brilliant and the brave

Many key trends have transformed private banking over the past two decades, but some talented individuals have provided the impetus for change 

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Fixed income in focus
Liontrust Expert Series
Dominica citizenship in profile         Fixed income in focus            
Bonds for 2020 and beyond
Spotlight on St Kitts & Nevis                 Investing in Ukraine: Where brains meet grains                 Investing in Dominica: Nature Isle of the Caribbean
Outlook for fixed income                 ETF trends in the late bull run                 The wealthtech revolution
Alice Wang, Quaero Capital
From Comment November 18, 2021

Private View Blog: Korea’s cultural wave makes global splash

South Korea’s film, TV and music scene is reaching around the world, bringing huge benefits to the country’s economy

Financial adviser
From Comment / Consultants' Corner November 15, 2021

Demand for financial advice has increased substantially along with client expectations

There is increasing demand for financial advice and emerging expectations from clients that, when embraced, can set wealth advisers apart

Dina de Angelo, Pictet Wealth Management
From PWM20 December 15, 2021

Evolution of the private banker in the 21st century

Advising wealthy, multi-generational families, embracing their values and investment needs is now the domain of today’s skilled private banker 

Fahad Kamal, Kleinwort Hambros
From Asset Allocation / Equity December 15, 2021

Major markets experience a tale of two tech booms

Global crises, the rise of mega cap tech stocks and the explosion of passive investing mean markets look very different today to past eras   

2 and 20
From PWM20 December 15, 2021

The past, present and future of portfolio management

To celebrate two decades since launch of PWM, we invited a cohort of high-profile chief investment officers, advising $4tn in assets between them, to reflect on major historic trends in structuring portfolios, which still have resonance in wealth management today

Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe, Credit Suisse
From Asset Allocation / Portfolio Management December 16, 2021

Investment outlook 2022: the great transition

What investors need to know to stay a step ahead as the global economy moves from the volatility of the pandemic towards a new state

2 and 20
From Asset Allocation / Portfolio Management December 15, 2021

Sourcing new diversifiers beyond fixed income

Pascal Blanqué, group chief investment officer at Amundi, talks to PWM about two decades of portfolio management trends

Amy Lo, UBS
From Wealth Management / Business Models December 15, 2021

Banks must evolve to connect with the clients of tomorrow

Private banks need to engage with the next generation of potential clients much earlier and do so with a workforce this segment can relate to

Andrew Catterall, JP Morgan
From FinTech December 15, 2021

Private banking moves from paper trails to personalised service

Technology has transformed the adviser-client relationship, although the journey still has a long way to run with advances in AI and big data in their early stages

Wind and solar
From Comment December 10, 2021

Why stewardship is the new linchpin of climate investing

The only way to reach climate targets will be if shareholders take a more active approach, thus forcing companies down a greener path 

Didier Duret
From Comment December 2, 2021

Private View Blog: How three global crises ended investors’ free lunches

It has become harder to generate returns and manage portfolio risk, but innovative solutions can bring success, argues Didier Duret

David Lawrence, Kingswood
From Wealth Management / Private Banking November 23, 2021

Kingswood continues pursuit of ambitious growth plans

The London-headquartered firm is looking for acquisitions in both its home market and overseas

From Fund Selection January 11, 2022

Fund Selection - January 2022

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

From Fund Selection December 13, 2021

Fund selection - December 2021

Each month in PWM, nine top European asset allocators reveal how they would spend €100,000 in a fund supermarket for a fairly conservative client with a balanced strategy

Amundi's Pascal Blanqué talks to PWM about the changing macroeconomic picture and how it is influencing investors' asset allocations


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