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FT Wealth Management Summit

29 October, 2020


The Financial Times is delighted to bring you the 3rd Annual FT Wealth Management Summit, focused on the complexities of working with global wealth across borders.

Chaired by PWM's Editor, Yuri Bender, there are vast opportunities for forward-thinking and flexible firms to look after clients across multiple jurisdictions and through various channels. Yet, the dynamic and challenging nature of the market leaves banks and wealth advisers with a multitude of issues to navigate.

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PWM is delighted to announce its mid-summer Wealth Tech webinar and awards, focused on developing channels and models for improving communication between banks and their private clients. Our panellists will assess the impact of Covid-19 as an accelerator to digitalisation, define the key success factors of digital engagement platforms and attempt to find the optimal mix between ‘robo’ and ‘real’ investment advice.

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Global Private Banking Awards 2020

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Wealth Tech Awards 2020