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Portfolios with Purpose: Greening investments for impact webinar
Date: 22 November 2022 at 2pm GMT

The raging war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic have centred global attention on energy security and healthcare inequality. Governments face a formidable funding gap for decarbonisation, however, the responsibility falls on portfolio managers to allocate to renewable assets. Impact-conscious clients are raising their voices, and, for asset and wealth managers, the European Union’s newly introduced Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation heralds significant change.

As investor sophistication matures, private banks are increasingly prioritising the development of their product offering. Investing in Article 9 funds is gaining traction as clients seek to play their part in engendering a healthier and more sustainable society. Whilst uncertainty around financial returns undoubtedly remains, clean energy production and storage technology, and private infrastructure assets present long-term protection in the current inflationary environment.

Impact investing can seem a broad and nebulous concept, and sustainability-charged bankers face roadblocks along the way. How will emerging taxonomy guidance lend greater transparency and credibility to impact management? As the market shifts from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy sources, will wealth managers innovate to navigate transition risks and monitor the real-time performance of portfolios? How best can private banks educate investors, and to what extent is it imperative that wealth managers’ values align with those of their clients?

Hosted by PWM in partnership with Nuveen, this 50-minute webinar will bring together leading private banking executives, wealth managers, and family offices responding to societal demand for impact investing. Chaired by Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief of PWM, our panel of experts will spotlight opportunities for allocating to clean infrastructure assets, whilst unpacking the challenges of fragmented regulation, greenwashing, and ill-defined terminology.

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Wealth Management Summit Asia 
16 March 2023
The Westin Singapore | Singapore

PWM  & FT Live are delighted to present the inaugural Wealth Management Summit Asia, discussing the untapped opportunities for private banks seeking to capture market share in the APAC region.The opening of China’s capital markets whets investor appetite, yet US-China polarisation threatens to turn bankers’ attention elsewhere; India and Southeast Asia promise unprecedented evolution.

As urbanisation takes hold of the region, wealth managers would be prudent to consider private markets, real estate, and attractive alternative assets. Evermore popular offshore family offices and tech-savvy challengers endanger incumbent banks as the region’s intergenerational wealth transfer looms; stasis is not an option.

Hosted by PWM’s Editor-in-Chief, Yuri Bender, this year’s Summit will bring together market-leading private banks, family offices, and wealth managers chasing ambitious growth in the burgeoning Asian wealth management space. Join us as we debate how best to scale up whilst navigating geopolitical tensions, regulatory shifts, and investment risks.

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Innovation in Wealth Management 
8 June 2023 
In-person | London 

PWM is delighted to present the 2023 edition of the Innovation in Wealth Management Summit, focusing on innovative strategies as the global private banking industry anticipates a transformative digital landscape.

As the latest megatrends in action are set to be incorporated into mainstream portfolio offerings, from crypto and cleantech to Machine Learning, the need for digital literacy among wealth managers has never been more urgent. Technologies such as deep learning and Artificial Intelligence not only pave the way to a hyper-personalised user experience, but also to an overhaul of the client acquisition process, identifying unconscious biases and helping to drive financial inclusion. With the growing threats of cyber attacks also, security must be prioritised responsibly and complacency is not an option.

Hosted by PWM’s Editor-in-Chief, Yuri Bender and the Financial Times, this year’s Innovation in Wealth Management Summit will bring together world-leading wealth managers, investors, and technology experts. Join us for a day of discussion and networking as we debate the opportunities and challenges for wealth managers in the race to redesign their offerings, create frictionless client experiences and keep up the pace with future-facing frontrunners.

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Wealth Management Summit 2023 
8-9 November 2023 
Sheraton Grand London Park Lane 

PWM and the FT Live are delighted to present the sixth edition of our annual Wealth Management Summit, discussing the opportunities and challenges of governing cross-border wealth, set against a turbulent macroeconomic backdrop.

Equity investors look for respite in alternative allocation strategies, yet, whilst private markets are progressively accessible, regulatory roadblocks to adoption of digital assets remain. Wealth managers are pressed to develop data capabilities in order to answer clients’ calls for personalised engagement. As the M&A market becomes increasingly active, traditional private banks must position themselves for ecosystem partnerships;  at a time of fee erosion and climbing compliance costs, seeking a competitive advantage over industry disruptors is of paramount importance.

Hosted by PWM’s Editor-in-Chief, Yuri Bender, this year’s Wealth Management Summit will bring together world-leading private banks, family offices, and wealth managers. Join us as we debate the most prudent investment strategies and customer retention techniques for near-term resilience and future-proof growth.

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FT Wealth Management Summit: Key ideas and speakers

Join PWM and the FT for the highlights of our summit about delivering the three Ds: digitalisation, diversity and democratisation of investments in wealth management

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