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From Wealth Management February 28, 2013

Private banks reaching into new asset pools

Private banks and fund houses are facing huge upheavals to the way they do business, but some see the current environment as a chance to boost dialogue with clients and increase their share of wallet

Catherine Tillotson
From Wealth Management / Business Models February 27, 2013

Wealth management firms face challenges to win back clients

Wealth management firms have suffered from falling valuations and need to adapt their business models to an environment of rising regulation and a frail economic recovery

Ariel Arazi, Bedrock
From Wealth Management / Family Offices February 26, 2013

Diversification lets Bedrock build from firm foundations

Wealthy families are gradually shifting allocations from fixed income to equities, says Bedrock’s Ariel Arazi, but he urges clients to diversify into other assets as well

Jean-Francois Mazaud, SocGen
From Wealth Management / Profiles February 26, 2013

Société Générale stronger as a sum of its parts

Jean-François Mazaud, CEO of Société Générale’s private banking division, believes building bridges with other parts of the group will help the unit raise its game

Peter Harrison, RWC Partners
From Wealth Management / Private Banking January 31, 2013

Private banks pressed to use ESG lens

By boosting its headcount, London-based RWC Partners has improved the firm’s ability to forge links with wealth managers

Catherine Tillotson
From Wealth Management / Private Banking January 31, 2013

Reputations take a pounding from regulators’ firing squads

The damage to banks reputations from scandals will make it harder for these institutions to secure private client business

Mark Smallwood, Deutsche Bank
From Wealth Management / Business Models January 31, 2013

Trusting the next Asian generation

Wealthy Asians are gradually coming round to the need to put firm plans in place for the transfer of wealth between generations, creating opportunities for private banks offering suitable structures

Charlotte Thorne, CapGen
From Wealth Management / Profiles January 31, 2013

CapGen offers alternative to portfolios loaded with equity

Balanced portfolios are often full of assets that are too closely correlated to each other to be truly diversified, warns CapGen’s Charlotte Thorne

Laurent Ramsey, Pictet
From Wealth Management / Profiles January 31, 2013

Pictet pulls together to boost market share

Laurent Ramsey, CEO of Pictet Funds, believes that it was by prioritising the needs of clients that the Swiss institution expanded during the 2008 crisis and then managed to consolidate those gains

Pierre Servant, Natixis
From Wealth Management / Profiles January 31, 2013

Natixis spreads out from Franco-American roots

Natixis Global Asset Management will invest in new product ranges or buy in expertise in its push to be a truly global player, according to chief executive Pierre Servant

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