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From Video January 5, 2018

Seeking business excellence in wealth management

PWM brought together leading practitioners from across Europe to discuss key criteria for achieving business excellence in wealth management 

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From Video December 22, 2017

Inside the minds of the millennials

PWM speaks to leading members of the Young Investors Organisation about their values and experience as entrepreneurs and impact investors, and what they expect from a private bank

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From Video December 22, 2017

Catering to the Next Generation of clients

PWM interviewed members of Credit Suisse’s management at the Young Investors Organisation annual reunion in Rome. The discussion focused on how the next generation of clients is shaping the business model and investment strategy of private banks, and the importance of meeting their desire for social impact investing as well as financial returns

From Video November 2, 2017

The changing role of ETFs in private client portfolios

PWM’s Perspectives debate brought together some of Europe’s leading wealth managers to discuss the use of ETFs in private client portfolios and how their phenomenal growth is shaping the wealth management landscape.

From Video October 25, 2017

Tech revolution accelerates private banking evolution

PWM’s Perspectives debate brought together some of Europe’s leading wealth managers to discuss how private banking institutions are rising to the digital challenge 

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From Video June 20, 2017

Cyprus: a financial hub for Europe and the Middle East

Having embarked on the road to recovery after a near-fatal banking crisis, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is looking to re-establish itself as a regional business base, while hopes for an end to division of the island, partly occupied since the Turkish invasion of 1974, are also rising. PWM talks to financial firms, legal advisers, government agencies and politicians about how expertise in trust and company formation may help the jurisdiction catch new wealth from both Russia and the Middle East, whereas a vibrant shipping industry and real estate market are making Aphrodite’s island more attractive

From Video April 25, 2017

Multi-asset: a new era for diversified investments

Cedric Baron of Generali Investments speaks to PWM about the evolution of multi-asset investing and how to spread a portfolio across a variety of holdings to achieve both a regular income and healthy capital growth, while minimising risk

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From Video March 16, 2017

Luxembourg adds fintech string to its funds bow

The success of Luxembourg as a financial centre has been closely linked to the European Ucits Directive of 1985, allowing distribution of investment funds across borders. More recently, the AIFMD, the directive for alternative investments, has also played a crucial part in the development of the jurisdiction. But how the country responds to geopolitical and other challenges will be crucial to its future success. PWM speaks to representatives of the Luxembourg funds industry about plans for its expansion and recent fintech initiatives 

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From Video September 1, 2016

Malta’s growth focused on quality not quantity

Malta’s accession to the EU in 2004 led to a huge expansion of its fledgling financial services industry. The island has become increasingly attractive to financial firms seeking safe, well-regulated and cost effective operating hubs within the EU. But the jurisdiction faces challenges too. When filming our first Spotlight series of videos on financial centres, Yuri Bender spoke to leading figures in the Maltese financial industry

From Video June 2, 2015

Using environmental, social and governance factors to protect client portfolios

Jacky Prudhomme, head of ESG Integration and Social Business Investments at BNP Paribas Investment Partners, talks to Yuri Bender about the evolution of responsible investing from negative to positive screening