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Sustainable Views

Europe's exchanges still largest for ESG bonds

Luxembourg leads, but Paris and Dublin expand market share

Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali on sugar, fossil fuels and the positive economy

Society needs clear ideas and everyone’s support to focus on activities that matter, and shift away from ‘the world's poisons’, says economist Jacques Attali

Rikard Skoufias

Developing markets’ energy transition needs ‘investor diplomats’

Opportunities in emerging markets' energy infrastructure are huge, but only for those who secure a social licence to operate

Wind and solar

A turning point for green finance

Finance is greening, but even banks with good environmental policies continue to support big polluters

Caroline Rush

Investing in sustainable fashion

British Fashion Council chief executive, Caroline Rush, on how investors, big brands and the government can improve UK fashion

Elodie Lauge ©Magali Delporte

Shareholder engagement is the only way to achieve sustainability

Selecting ‘good’ companies shouldn't be the only option for responsible investors

Wind and solar

Where are banks' environmental disclosures?

Many of the world's largest banks have yet to endorse climate-related financial disclosures, according to study.

Ron Dembo, riskthinking

Climate forecasting 'absolutely useless'

Forget past data and focus on climate scenarios, says riskthinking.AI's founder Ron Dembo

Frédéric Blanc-Brude, EDHECInfra

ESG disclosures of infrastructure assets fall short of EU rules

Current ESG reporting frameworks are not fit to answer the questions that need asking

Eric Rondolat, Signify

Carbon neutrality? Here’s how to do it

Lighting group Signify has made its operations carbon-neutral. Chief executive Eric Rondolat explains how

Sustainability is a growing focus of business, finance and investment. Yet it remains a highly complex and often confusing subject: from the implications of a low carbon economy on individual industries, to investor demands for transparency and the unexplored interactions between environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. 


At FT Specialist, we want to help bring clarity to this area. Pooling our experience in banking, wealth management and foreign direct investment, we will provide readers with insights and analysis to help them make sense of the ESG space. Every month, we will share opinion pieces by professionals with the authority and technical knowledge to influence this space, as well as data stories that highlight the more interesting or unexpected developments around sustainability. We will also provide access to our in-depth, well-researched journalism across The Banker and its sister titles PWM and fDi Intelligence.


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