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Limassol construction

The CBI Index: investing in real estate for citizenship

Insisting applicants purchase real estate is a common feature of CBI schemes, but it can bring drawbacks as well as benefits

Hurricane Maria

The CBI Index: adaptability as a mark of endurance and success

The first CBI schemes were launched in the 1980s, and the industry has been in a state of constant evolution ever since


The CBI Index: the cryptocurrency challenge

Some jurisdictions have been quick to embrace cryptocurrencies while others have been wary to do so, yet all will have to deal with applicants who have exposure to the phenomenon

Magnifying glass with notes

The CBI Index: developing due diligence

As more countries enter the citizenship market, due diligence will be a defining element of differentiation between their programmes

St Kitts 2

The CBI Index: the due diligence process in the Caribbean

The Caribbean CBI programmes are generally associated with far-reaching due diligence, explains Heyrick Bond Gunning, CEO of S-RM

Immigration desk

The CBI Index: overview of the methodology

The CBI Index is built around seven pillars, designed to satisfactorily measure global citizenship programme features and jurisdictional desirability 

Dominica lake

The CBI Index: key findings - Caribbean continues to dominate

The CBI Index’s key findings present an evaluation of each country both overall and within the parameters of the seven pillars


The CBI Index: programme profiles

A closer look at the 13 citizenship by investment programmes which make up the CBI Index

Assorted passports

CBI schemes can prove passport to stability in an uncertain world

CBI schemes are attracting a huge amount of interest among wealthy families and the institutions serving them, but they are not without controversy

James McKay

The CBI Index: introducing the researcher

The CBI Index is the brainchild of James McKay, a research analyst and consultant


Crispin Royle-Davies, managing director and senior research analyst for public real assets at Nuveen, speaks to PWM about the key role of real estate assets in private portfolios.

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