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The 2019 CBI Index: Due diligence - the cornerstone of CBI

One of the main features of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes is thorough due diligence, explains Kieron Sharp, CEO of FACT Due Diligence


International critics fail to stem growing CBI industry

CBI schemes offer wealthy individuals freedom of movement while providing vital funds to what are often cash-strapped nations, yet continue to draw criticism


The CBI Index: 2018 brings both significant change and new challenges

The citizenship by investment industry has seen significant changes since 2017, from programmes lowering their minimum investment requirements, to fostering accountability among stakeholders

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The CBI Index: a history of CBI

St Kitts and Nevis was the first country to launch a CBI programme in 1984, while Jordan launched its scheme in 2018


The CBI Index: demystifying CBI - citizenship vs residence

The relationship that is formed between the state and the economic citizen lasts a lifetime, unlike the one that is established with economic residents

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The CBI Index: recognising the possibilities that lie ahead

Similarities exist among citizenship by investment programmes, yet each has its own flaws and virtues

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The CBI Index: investing in real estate for citizenship

Insisting applicants purchase real estate is a common feature of CBI schemes, but it can bring drawbacks as well as benefits

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The CBI Index: adaptability as a mark of endurance and success

The first CBI schemes were launched in the 1980s, and the industry has been in a state of constant evolution ever since


The CBI Index: the cryptocurrency challenge

Some jurisdictions have been quick to embrace cryptocurrencies while others have been wary to do so, yet all will have to deal with applicants who have exposure to the phenomenon

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The CBI Index: developing due diligence

As more countries enter the citizenship market, due diligence will be a defining element of differentiation between their programmes

Global Private Banking Awards 2022 Highlights

More than 120 banks from 50 countries around the world entered this year’s annual global private banking awards. 19 of those entrants have won more than one award. Of these, six institutions - including Citi Private Bank, BTG Pactual, Erste Private Banking, HSBC Private Banking, Northern Trust, Itaú Private Bank – gained the top position in three categories each. Video highlights from the 2022 Global Private Banking Awards.

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