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CBI security

The 2020 CBI Index

The industry has continued to evolve since last year, with key developments including investment changes, moves towards greater family inclusiveness, and increased oversight of agents and real estate stakeholders. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

Egypt passport and flag

The 2020 CBI Index: The future of CBI

Many new countries are accelerating plans to bring in their own CBI schemes. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

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The 2020 CBI Index: Industry responses to the Covid-19 pandemic

The citizenship by investment industry has been quick to respond to the global Covid-19 crisis. Sponsored by CS Global Partners


The 2020 CBI Index: Covid-19, CBI, and new investor priorities

The pandemic has forced investors to reconsider what they are looking for in a CBI programme. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

Airport passports

The 2020 CBI Index: Debunking CBI – citizenship vs passports

There is a misconception that citizenship by investment is the same as buying a new passport. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

CBI family

The 2020 CBI Index: Family reunification – because together is better

New to 2020, the Family Pillar asks which citizenship by investment programmes offer the greatest opportunities for families that wish to stay together during the process. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

CBI dictionary

The 2020 CBI Index: Is it Mr Kollakis, Kallakis, Καλλακης or Каллакис?

Translating a person’s name incorrectly can circumvent lax due diligence systems, but multilingual due diligence can help mitigate this risk, writes former director of the UK National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, David Clarke. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

Border control

The 2020 CBI Index: Overview of the methodology

The CBI Index is now built around nine pillars, designed to measure global citizenship programme features and jurisdictional desirability. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

CBI St Kitts

The 2020 CBI Index: Key findings – Caribbean still outranks rest of world

The CBI Index’s key findings present an evaluation of each country both overall and within the parameters of the nine pillars. Sponsored by CS Global Partners


The 2020 CBI Index: Programme profiles

A closer look at the 14 citizenship by investment programmes which make up the 2020 CBI Index. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

Global Private Banking Awards 2022 Highlights

More than 120 banks from 50 countries around the world entered this year’s annual global private banking awards. 19 of those entrants have won more than one award. Of these, six institutions - including Citi Private Bank, BTG Pactual, Erste Private Banking, HSBC Private Banking, Northern Trust, Itaú Private Bank – gained the top position in three categories each. Video highlights from the 2022 Global Private Banking Awards.

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