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The 2022 CBI Index: The new investor’s global search for opportunity

The CBI industry is undergoing a metamorphosis, and must look to the younger generations and their digital-first view of the world of work. Sponsored by CS Global Partners


The 2022 CBI Index: A tool to finance stronger, more resilient economies

Second citizenship could be a vital tool in helping economies not only uplift and diversify themselves, but also reach their net-zero targets. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

North Macedonia

The 2022 CBI Index: The evolution of a new CBI programme

North Macedonia’s CBI programme shows how buy-in and a comprehensive legislative framework are vital to the success of any CBI programme. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

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Covid lockdowns add to the appeal of second citizenships

Having lost mobility during the health crisis, wealthy individuals are showing increased interest in citizenship by investment schemes, though the programmes remain controversial 

CBI St Lucia

The 2021 CBI Index

Programmes have continued to adjust to the prolonged disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

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The 2021 CBI Index: Reflections and predictions for 2022

This year has seen both the implementation of new programmes and the closure of longstanding and infant programmes alike. Sponsored by CS Global Partners


The 2021 CBI Index: CBI frameworks without ‘operational’ programmes

Not all countries have operational CBI programmes, despite sharing some characteristics with those that do. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

CBI euro

The 2021 CBI Index: EU CBI - due diligence and lessons learnt

Governments that fail to take background checks seriously risk a premature end to their citizenship by investment programmes. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

CBI digital nomad

The 2021 CBI Index: New horizons - the rise of digital nomadism

CBI jurisdictions stand to benefit from the new work-from-home normal, and from the employees who want to trade in office life for a chance to work overseas. Sponsored by CS Global Partners

CBI bitcoin

The 2021 CBI Index: Cryptocurrency and CBI convergence

CBI and cryptocurrency already have a storied history, but with the rise of decentralised finance, perhaps now is the time for jurisdictions to reconsider their stance on this new method of payment. Sponsored by CS Global Partners


Crispin Royle-Davies, managing director and senior research analyst for public real assets at Nuveen, speaks to PWM about the key role of real estate assets in private portfolios.

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