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The evolution of private banking business models

Joe Bannister, MFSA

PWM invited seven leading figures in private banking and asset management to discuss the changing business models in the industry. Topics covered included the pitfalls of poorly conceived M&A activity, a lack of transparency surrounding fee levels and increasing levels of regulation. Yuri Bender directs the debate.


Building a diversified global portfolio

Ash Misra, Lloyds TSB

PWM invited eight leading figures in private banking and asset management to debate the optimum ways to construct portfolios that offer global exposure for private clients. Topics discussed include taking a top-down or bottom-up approach, how to identify the best stocks and how to mange risk. Elisa Trovato directs the debate.


No guarantees so proceed with caution

Marilou Calara, Citi

Since their initial launch, Ucits III structures have become popular among fund providers and both retail and institutional customers, but question marks still hang over latest interpretations of the directive, under which fund houses are now packaging hedge funds for retail consumption. PWM invited eight leading figures in private banking and asset management to discuss the proliferation of these vehicles, the continued importance of due diligence and what the future may hold. Yuri Bender directs the debate.


Applying quant methodology to beat the bank

Robert Haugen, Alfred Berg

PWM hosted a discussion with Professor Robert Haugen, inventor of the Minimum Variance quantitative investment concept, at the end of June in London. Professor Haugen’s discoveries shook the world of portfolio management from the 1960s onwards, but were never popular with the investment and business school establishment.

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Emerging markets: from satellite to core investment

Richard Carlyle, Capital International

PWM invited eight leading thinkers in private banking and asset management to comment on the currently popular emerging markets investment theme, to discuss the drivers behind performance and to assess the risks lurking on the horizon in an asset class, that despite common perception, is far from homegenous and much more fragmented than many commentators care to admit


A closer look at wealth management business models

PWM invited eight senior representatives of wealth management institutions and a major technology provider to the industry to FT headquarters in London. The purpose of this roundtable event was to examine the impact of the financial crisis on business models, to look at latest thinking in asset allocation and determine how operating efficiency can be best achieved, while offering a good-value proposition to private clients. Yuri Bender directs the discussion

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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