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Massimo Tosato, Schroders

Industry must pull together to save open architecture

Changing regulations could concentrate distribution in the hands of a few banks, threatening the open architecture model

Regulators throw up roadblocks

A host of well-intentioned new regulations will occupy the world’s wealth management firms this year, but what do they mean for clients?

Reforms pave way for the renminbi

The gradual internationalisation of the remminbi is allowing foreign investors to access mainland China through Hong Kong

Not all plain sailing for Ucits funds

The Ucits brand faces increasing competition from onshore funds, as regulation remains the biggest threat

Anything to declare?

Increasing levels of regulation are forcing wealth managers to choose whether or not to invest in meeting the compliance needs of certain clients

Ucits products continue to raise the bar

Ucits has proved to be a huge success, but does the arrival of so-called ‘Newcits’ funds risk damaging the directive’s reputation?


European funds industry readies itself for Kiid

The Key Investor Information Document is a major component of the upcoming Ucits IV directive, but it brings a number of challenges for the industry.

What is the right approach to financial regulation?

EuroInvestor's Guillaume Prache and Kim MacFarland from Investec Asset Management discuss the increasing levels of regulation facing the financial world

Willie Slattery, State Street

Dublin endeavours to resuscitate Celtic tiger

A concerted effort to bring in international business and revive the Irish economy is underway, but how the fund industry responds to new regulations is key.

Andrea Maffezzoni, Unicredit

Furnishing the front office

Having put much needed improvements on the back burner due to cost cutting measures during the financial crisis, private banks are once again looking to invest in front office systems and support networks for their advisers to improve levels of client communication


Crispin Royle-Davies, managing director and senior research analyst for public real assets at Nuveen, speaks to PWM about the key role of real estate assets in private portfolios.

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