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Leonardo Brenna, UBS Global Asset Management
From Regulation September 30, 2013

Money market funds feel force of EU clampdown

Upheaval in the European money market fund sector seems inevitable with the very existence of these products threatened by new regulations, while US-based funds could be handed a big advantage

Peter Preisler, T. Rowe Price
From Regulation September 26, 2013

Regulation impacts sub-advisory growth

Leading figures from the fund management world discuss the changing dynamics of the European distribution landscape and the rationale for outsourcing assets to sub-advisers

Marc Saluzzi, Alfi
From Regulation May 2, 2013

AIFMD to add an alternative string to Luxembourg’s bow

Alfi chairman Marc Saluzzi discusses the state of the fund industry and what the AIFMD directive will mean for marketing alternatives across borders

Catherine Tillotson
From Regulation January 31, 2013

Reputations take a pounding from regulators’ firing squads

The damage to banks reputations from scandals will make it harder for these institutions to secure private client business

From Regulation December 4, 2012

RDR raises questions for family office market

With the Retail Distribution Review set to demand changes to the platform regime in the UK, family offices in the country must adapt their business models

Catherine Tillotson
From Regulation September 25, 2012

M&A boom a sign of the times

Tougher regulation around the world is driving consolidation within the wealth management market

From Regulation August 29, 2012

Culture and the cross-referral conundrum

Enhanced regulations will force financial institutions to look at bringing their wealth management and investment banking teams closer together, but the culture within the firm must be right for this approach to succeed

Michel Longhini, UBP
From Regulation May 30, 2012

Regulation drives rise in IT outsourcing

With private banks having to comply with increasing levels of regulation, many are finding that outsourcing IT operations is more cost-effective than developing in-house solutions

From Regulation March 28, 2012

Taxing times for offshore assets

Aggressive new tax initiatives are targeting cross-border wealth, but will clients declare their assets voluntarily, or play hard to get?

From Regulation February 28, 2012

Switzerland learns to adapt to increased regulation

Increasing levels of regulation, especially from the US, are forcing the Swiss to make significant adjustments to preserve their status as a leading financial centre

Roosevelt Skerrit became the world's youngest head of state when he took up the position of prime minister of Dominica in 2004. He has since presided over a programme of reconstruction of storm-ravaged housing and infrastructure and revitalising the country's tourism industry. Moreover, his stewardship of the geothermal energy project has put Dominica on the road to clean energy self-sufficiency

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