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Maggie Sun, Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management
From Regions / Asia / China

Asia’s economy set to power ahead now China back on track

The lifting of Covid restrictions has seen China’s economy rebound, though worries over regulation of the tech sector and the geopolitical situation remain

Arnaud Tellier, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From Regions / Asia / China

Asia’s rising prosperity creates boom market for wealth management

There is huge demand for wealth management services across northern and south-east Asia, although the recent crises around Credit Suisse and SVB are leading wealthy families to re-assess their banking providers

Jian Shi Cortesi GAM Investments
From Regions / Asia / China

Zero-Covid reversal boosts wider Asian region

Chinese stocks have surged following the government’s abandonment of its lockdown policy and provided a shot in the arm to the whole region

PWM 0323 cover
From Regions / Asia / China

Wealth managers tread softly as Asia reopens

Western banks expect Asia-Pacific growth to pick-up now China has emerged from lockdown, but are careful not to put all their eggs in one basket by diversifying across the region

Mayur Nallamala, RBC BlueBay Asset Management
From Regions / Asia / China

Have investors missed the boat on China’s equity rally?

Mayur Nallamala, head of Asian equity at RBC BlueBay Asset Management, believes there are still opportunities available in Chinese stocks, while the recent rally should benefit the wider region

John Wyn-Evans, Invesco
From Regions / Asia / China

Private View Blog: Protests in China add to global uncertainty

There seems little prospect of a speedy reversal of China’s zero-Covid policy or its growing tensions with the rest of the world, argues Investec’s John Wyn-Evans

Charles Chang
From Regions / Asia / China

Fintech on Friday: China’s digital currency challenge

China has aggressively rolled out the e-CNY but the initiative has met with only partial success so far

Frederik Ducrozet, Pictet
From Regions / Asia / China

China’s appeal as an investment destination dims but does not disappear

The world’s second biggest economy may have a questionable human rights record, slowing growth and a problematic relationship with the US, but it remains too important for investors to ignore

Chetan Sehgal, Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust
From Regions / Asia / China

Pandemic proves emerging markets’ newfound resilience

Developing markets now have deeper capital markets as well as local investors, meaning they are much better placed to weather global crises

Alice Wang, Quaero Capital
From Regions / Asia / China

Will China roar back in Year of the Tiger?

Tightening monetary policy and a regulatory clampdown meant Chinese equities had a year to forget in 2021. Are we in for more of the same?

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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