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Published by the Financial Times, Professional Wealth Management (PWM) specialises in analysing the growth strategies of private banks and the regional financial centres in which they operate. 

The wealth management and funds industries are changing fast in core European, Asiana and American markets. Driven by an incoming local and global regulatory tide, commercial imperatives and client demand, private banks and investment houses must redraw their business models to comply with the new reality. In an industry driven by regulation, technology and economic disruption, PWM provides strategic advice and information to key decision-makers. 

PWM carries the latest analysis of private banks, wealth managers and regional financial centres, along with in-depth reporting on asset allocation, the fast moving regulatory agenda, digital operations and technology, with input from a broad range of thought leaders. 

PWM is devoted to analysing the delivery of wealth solutions to private clients and entrepreneurial families. This can be through traditional banks, private investment or family offices and increasingly robo-advisers. PWM is also helping financial institutions to set up relevant distribution and advice models in developing markets such as the Middle East and parts of Asia and Latin America. 

Across print, digital and event channels, PWM provides strategic advice to key decision-makers working in all stages of the distribution process. 



Yuri Bender

Yuri Bender works at the FT’s Specialist media division as editor-in-chief of Professional Wealth Management, covering investment mega trends. He has written for the FT newspaper from Ukraine, Russia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Yuri studied Investment Management at London Business School and is currently a PhD candidate at University College London, researching political and trade relationships between China, Russia and Ukraine. He was named Journalist of the Year for Business Market Commentary in the 2022 State Street press awards.

Elisa Trovato

Elisa Trovato
Deputy Editor

Elisa is deputy editor of Professional Wealth Management magazine, covering wealth and asset management, with a focus on sustainable and impact investing. She chairs panel debates on a range of investment topics and manages research projects, including the annual global asset allocation survey. She joined the FT Group as a researcher in 2004. Previously, Elisa worked for management consulting and research firms in London. She graduated from Pisa University, Italy, with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

Elliot Smither

Elliot Smither
Chief Sub Editor and Senior Writer

Elliot joined PWM in 2008 and is responsible for the production of the print editions of PWM magazine as well as the editorial content on pwmnet. In addition, he regularly covers topics such as emerging markets, family offices, ETFs and alternative investments. Elliot graduated from Exeter University with a degree in History.


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