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World of wealthcraft
From FinTech January 12, 2018

The world of wealthcraft

Wealth managers are both trying to manage the fortunes of millennial gamers and incorporating gaming elements into their own offerings

From FinTech December 1, 2017

Fintech on Friday: is bitcoin in a bubble?

Bitcoin hit the headlines this week when its valuation passed through the $10,000 mark. Is the crypto-currency something investors should be seriously considering, or is it heading for a fall?

Artificial intelligence
From FinTech November 17, 2017

Just how far can AI go in transforming wealth management?

The role Artificial Intelligence could play in wealth management is one of the big questions facing the industry, but the consensus seems to be that although AI’s potential is huge, it will never replace the human element 

David Older, Carmignac
From FinTech November 10, 2017

How to position portfolios in an age of disruption

The pace of technological disruption is likely to increase in the years ahead. There will clearly be winners and losers from this upheaval – how should investors respond?

From FinTech October 25, 2017

Tech revolution accelerates private banking evolution

PWM’s Perspectives debate brought together some of Europe’s leading wealth managers to discuss how private banking institutions are rising to the digital challenge 

Stephan Hug, Credit Suisse
From FinTech August 18, 2017

Building a front-to-back digital infrastructure

Wealth managers must have robust back-end technology systems in place if their client facing platforms are to operate efficiently

Patrick Barnert, Qumram
From FinTech July 14, 2017

Fintech on Friday: omni-channel under MiFID II – eradicating risks and ramping up revenues

Documenting client communications is now a top regulatory concern for wealth managers, but addressing this thorny compliance challenge can actually yield big business benefits

PWM Cover 0617
From FinTech June 20, 2017

Private banks’ tech transformation gathers pace

Improving the client experience is at the heart of wealth managers’ digital strategies, with a belief that combining cutting edge technology with human expertise will meet their ever more demanding expectations

Guillaume Dufour, Dassault Systèmes
From FinTech June 23, 2017

Fintech on Friday: Digitisation the only choice for wealth managers

The digital revolution is impacting all industries, and wealth management is no different. The good news is that many are embracing this new era, despite the many challenges it poses

Kapin Vora, Capco
From FinTech June 16, 2017

Cyber warfare: old and new vie for control of North American digital wealth market

North America’s digital wealth marketplace continues to expand, with new businesses tapping into changing client behaviour and utilising new technology. But the traditional names are fighting back

From FinTech May 26, 2017

Blockchain reaction: will it change everything?

Blockchain technology could help banks cut costs and boost client security, but will the notoriously slow-to-change financial services industry get on board?

From FinTech June 2, 2017

Fintech on Friday: the twin threats of technological change

Disruptive technology is applying downward pressure on wages and could well impact even those on higher incomes. It is therefore doubly important that investment portfolios are positioned to benefit from this growing trend

 Mario Bortoli, Euclidea
From FinTech May 26, 2017

Online opportunities in Italian wealth management

With government bonds and real estate looking less attractive, the time is right for robo-advisers to step in and offer something a little different to Italian investors, believes Mario Bortoli, CEO of digital wealth manager Euclidea 

Terry Erisman, GridGrain
From FinTech May 12, 2017

Wealth managers slowly switching on to rewards of AI and machine learning

Technology can help portfolio managers beat the market and has huge potential on the client servicing side, but techno-phobic mainstream institutions need to undergo a cultural transformation if they are to reap the benefits

Peter Sayburn, Market Gravity
From FinTech May 5, 2017

Differentiation and data can drive wealth management's digital reboot

Wealth management is experiencing a tidal wave of digital disruption. Understanding how to use new technology to make creative ideas work in large-scale wealth management businesses is key to driving businesses forward, retaining existing clients and attracting new ones

From FinTech April 28, 2017

Does your wealth manager drink coffee or kilowatts?

Wealth managers are yet to fully align themselves with clients' digital expectations, but while technology will inevitably disrupt the private banking industry, evidence suggests there will always be a place for human expertise

John Beckett, New Fund Order
From FinTech April 7, 2017

Asset management failing to get to grips with tech revolution

The asset management industry is guilty of looking for traditional solutions to its problems, while many of the answers actually lie in the digital realm 

Jonathan Cohen, RoboCap
From FinTech April 20, 2017

Fintech on Friday: Financial services and robotics far from natural bedfellows

High net worth individuals should be more interested in the investment opportunities offered by robotics and automation than their impact on wealth management, claims Jonathan Cohen of RoboCap

Shaun Port, Nutmeg new
From FinTech March 24, 2017

No need for robo-advice pioneers to fear arrival of big names

There is much talk about established wealth management firms launching their own digital platforms, but this would just bring more clients into the online world, argue the start-ups 

Nick Middleton, UBS
From FinTech March 10, 2017

UBS targets mass affluent sector with SmartWealth online platform

UBS Wealth Management has launched its new digital platform in the UK with the aim of attracting a wider, and younger, audience

Joe Parkin, iShares
From FinTech March 17, 2017

Fintech on Friday: 2017 to be a big year for digital decision making

With traditional wealth managers realising robo-advice is here to stay and launching their own platforms, is there any room left for smaller start-ups?

Lawrence Calcano, iCapital Network
From FinTech March 3, 2017

Fintech on Friday: Using online platforms to unlock alternative investments

By lowering investment thresholds, fintech start-up iCapital Network provides HNWIs access to hedge funds and private equity 

Adam French, Scalable
From FinTech February 24, 2017

Robo-advice just one piece of digital puzzle for private banks

Having initially dismissed robo-advice as a passing fad, established wealth managers are now taking the threat seriously. But it is not just a case of copying the start-ups, rather marrying digital advances with a human touch

From FinTech March 1, 2017

How regtech can help banks conquer compliance mountain

The years since the financial crisis have seen a massive expansion in regulation and a corresponding boom in the number of compliance officers. Could technology cut costs and lower the error count?

Emmanuel Lumineau, Brickvest
From FinTech December 2, 2016

Crowdfunding comes to the property sector

The BrickVest platform is one of the first to use technology to democratise the real estate market, opening up what were once institutional-only assets to a wider audience

PWM 1216 cover
From FinTech January 3, 2017

Building the best wealth management platforms for investors' online journeys

Low fees charged by robo-advisers are especially tempting to investors in an era of low returns. But are these online platforms able to meet complex needs of high net worth individuals?

Ciaran Dynes, Talend
From FinTech January 6, 2017

Is Blockchain a catalyst for trust or an unprecedented disrupter?

Blockchain has the potential to bring significant efficiencies to the wealth management sector. But will it be used positively or destructively?

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