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From Due Diligence January 16, 2015

Building infrastructure investments into portfolios

There are compelling reasons for investing in infrastructure, but those managers looking for opportunities which promise both yield and growth tend to offer the best value

From Due Diligence November 17, 2014

Europe a relatively bright spot within active management

Those active managers dealing in European equities, who have kept things simple and correctly identified and stuck to top-down trends, have tended to add alpha

From Due Diligence October 27, 2014

Time for investors to increase CTA exposure

CTAs are well suited to the current economic environment and when selecting these funds investors should pay close attention to past performance

From Due Diligence September 19, 2014

Take care, not all private equity managers were created equal

The difference in performance between private equity managers is much greater than in public markets, so investors must choose wisely before committing to what tend to be long-term relationships

Amparo Sampedro, Generali Investments Europe
From Due Diligence August 14, 2014

Asian equities could prove safe bet for long-term investors

The foundations for long-term growth in Asia appear solid and the region’s equities are trading at a discount. But what area should investors focus on and should they opt for foreign or domestic managers?

From Due Diligence June 26, 2014

Why have multi-asset funds proved so popular?

With traditional balanced portfolios no longer providing adequate capital protection, investors are increasingly turning to multi-asset funds and are encouraged by recent performance

From Due Diligence May 21, 2014

Financial subordinated debt: challenges and opportunities

Contingent convertible capital instruments promise attractive returns compared to traditional high yield products, but the majority of asset managers do not offer them

Great Wall
From Due Diligence April 17, 2014

Plotting a path into Chinese equity markets

Once the decision to allocate to Chinese equities has been made, investors must determine how broad an area to focus on and whether to go for a foreign or domestic manager

Coal mine
From Due Diligence February 19, 2014

The role of commodities in Ucits multi-management portfolios

Including commodities in Ucits funds can bring diversification benefits and add alpha, but the higher costs associated with new regulations may prompt investors to search for other routes into the asset class

Hang Seng
From Due Diligence December 16, 2013

Why invest in global emerging market small cap equities?

Small companies are often better placed than their larger equivalents to benefit from the rise of the emerging market consumer class, while also offering diversification benefits

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