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Innovation in digital wealth management


    The PWM Expert Series videos are sponsored by InvestSuite but independently edited.

    Digitalisation of the global wealth management industry accelerated massively during the Covid era, as retail investors became a major force and traditional banks realised they must work with fintechs to improve their own digital menu.

    In the video series, we explore the relationship between technology, data and human insights, analysing the challenges which wealth managers face as they try and create a winning ‘hybrid’ model to best cater for clients.

    In discussion:

    Democratising wealth management: A much younger cohort of advisers and investors are taking their lead from the retail sphere and demanding a broader range of assets and information sources from their wealth manager

    The Empire strikes back: How private and retail banks are dealing with the sustained challenge from robo-advisers and building a new digital ecosystem that relies more on collaboration than confrontation

    Fit for a purpose: The concept of ‘financial wellness’ which wealth managers are increasingly trying to identify, combines investment returns with customer experience and hyper-personalisation of products and services

    Future wealth managers: Human centricity and psychology is key to constructing new models which derive inspiration from the Big Techs while maintaining trust and longevity associated with private banks

    In conversation with:

    Bart Vanhaeren, CEO and co-founder, InvestSuite
    Joyce Chou, senior WealthTech solution specialist, InvestSuite

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