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Avoid temptations of bad habits

Private banks have to develop business models that are advice-led and put the client first, and not go back to pushing products


PWM has launched a series of blogs, looking at the characters, systems and products inhabiting the often opaque worlds of private banking and asset management. Please read our accounts and feel free to leave your comments. Swap stories with us and let us know your views on wealth management.
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Return of the self preservation society

A pattern is emerging of retail banks recommending internal products to their customers, but there is still room for the independents


Private banks opt for new models

Senior wealth managers agree that private banking business models have to evolve, but there is no one-size-fits-all way forward


Private banking treads new path

The ongoing economic crisis is pushing the private banking world into increasing allocations to passive investments, and many are embracing the benefits of exchange traded funds


Time to face up to some home truths

Investors are showing little faith in the European investment industry, and things are not going to change until they are treated as individuals


A little innovation can reap rewards

A number of new funds are starting to find their way onto the market and are attracting inflows but putting the client first is paramount


Warcraft vital for funds’ survival

Conditions may be severe but fund management groups must remain in contact with their clients or risk missing out once the situation improves


No-parking signs put out for speculators

Uncertain times mean that wealth managers are finally being forced to put clients first, and banks which created products purely for profit are suffering


Give way to the less heralded resources

If financial institutions are to survive, they need to allow solutions from much-ignored resources, e.g. women bankers and developing countries

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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