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From Comment / Editor's Analysis February 3, 2011

Return of the BHAG is a sign of the times

Audacious growth programmes are back in fashion across the industry, but managing these ambitions may prove a considerable challenge

From Comment / Editor's Analysis January 24, 2011

Beijing’s firm hand faces testing times

The Chinese authorities are increasingly flexing their financial muscles to control inflation, but a number of external challenges cloud the horizon

From Comment / Editor's Analysis December 2, 2010

Opening up the hedge fund world

Private banks are taking different approaches to providing access to hedge funds, but clients’ money is all heading in the same direction.

From Comment / Editor's Analysis October 23, 2010

Time for a bit of common sense

Private banks may place great store in academic theories when contructing portfolios, but clients usually prefer a simpler approach.

From Comment / Editor's Analysis October 14, 2010

An assured way to anchor clients

Asia’s leading banks see insurance-linked products as a way to tie in customers for the long-term, but are they in clients’ best interests?

From Comment / Editor's Analysis September 27, 2010

Asian expansion works both ways

European wealth managers may be exporting executives Eastwards, but their Asian equivalents are also stepping up activities in the West.

From Comment / Editor's Analysis September 2, 2010

M&A push expected in hedge fund arena

Hedge fund providers are struggling, hit by the desertion of wealthy families and the increased regulations promised by the AIFM directive.

From Comment / Editor's Analysis July 17, 2010

Unlocking Asia is no walk in the park

There are clear opportunities in Asia for both the manufacturers and distributors of mutual funds, but realising this potential is far from easy.

From Comment / Editor's Analysis July 4, 2010

New kids challenge old way of thinking

The assent management landscape is being shaken up by a number of new players, putting increasing pressure on traditional business models.

From Comment / Editor's Analysis May 26, 2010

Fighting against regulatory fatigue


Ucits has proved to be a resounding success on a global scale, but there are fears about the levels of regulation in the upcoming AIFM directive.

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