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Malik Sarwar, Global Leader Group
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Private View Blog: A long history of haste and hubris

Those investors caught up in the collapse of FTX are treading a well worn path, writes Malik Sarwar

John Wyn-Evans, Invesco
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Private View Blog: Protests in China add to global uncertainty

There seems little prospect of a speedy reversal of China’s zero-Covid policy or its growing tensions with the rest of the world, argues Investec’s John Wyn-Evans

Jan Blakeley Holman, Thornburg Investment Management
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Reasons not to be cheerful about alternatives

As we enter 2023 and beyond, what will you remember about 2022 and the investment decisions you made in the wake of very challenging markets?

Nigel Green, de Vere Group
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Lessons learned from the FTX fiasco

The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has shaken confidence in the sector, but should result in greater regulatory scrutiny and therefore increased protection for investors

Stéphane Monier, Bank Lombard Odier
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Weighing the dynamics of US midterms and inflation

A divided Congress is likely to mean policy gridlock for the Biden administration, though the direction of monetary policy will be of more significance to markets

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Succession planning lets banks play generation game

While connecting with the next generation of clients is a way to retain assets over the long term, the banks that successfully engage with this group will be those to approach them in a sincere and focused way

Ylva Baeckstrom
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Time for financial services to empower wealthy philanthropists

Sustainable investing is here to stay. The financial services industry needs to nurture and drive it, argues Ylva Baeckström

Amin Rajan, Create
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A colossal failure of leadership - how Liz Truss went from hero to zero

A series of serious errors saw the bond markets take a battering and eventually led to the prime minster losing her job, writes Amin Rajan of Create-Research

Erika D. Williams, RSF Social Finance
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How regenerative finance can help investors achieve their impact goals

Regenerative finance invests in community-led development and private enterprises that aim to address some of the social and environmental challenges we face

Michael O'Sullivan
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Private View Blog: Tensions in Tehran might just lead to a slightly more modern Iran

We should not expect regime change, but widespread protests in Iran could lead to some social changes

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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