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Robo-advisers come of age

Advances in AI technology mean robo-advisers can offer a more personalised service and therefore build trust and engagement with investors, argues Reginald Warlop

Malik Sarwar, Global Leader Group

The lessons learned from SVB and Credit Suisse

The global financial system remains brittle, but steps can be taken to make it more resilient, writes Malik Sarwar

Nneka Orji, Alvarez & Marsal

How to close the wealth gap between men and women

Women tend to invest less than men and are less likely to occupy senior wealth management roles. But this can change, argues Nneka Orji from Alvarez & Marsal

BLM-Ant group office 75*96
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China’s wealth management market shows renewed promise

The inherent strength of the Chinese economy, coupled with softening policies and easing regulations, heralds a positive market environment for wealth management service providers

Joan Bozek, Clarfeld Citizens Private Wealth

Three ways wealth advisers can manage expectations across generations

Advisers play an important role in inter-generational communication, explains Clarfeld’s director of trust services

Arun Sai, Pictet Asset Management
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What investors should reassess after Silicon Valley Bank's collapse

The demise of the tech start-up lender is symptomatic of the economic strains caused by rapidly rising interest rates, argues Pictet's Arun Sai  

PWM 0323 cover

Wealth managers tread softly as Asia reopens

Western banks expect Asia-Pacific growth to pick-up now China has emerged from lockdown, but are careful not to put all their eggs in one basket by diversifying across the region

Matthias Born, Berenberg Wealth and Asset Management
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Healthcare offers shelter from the recessionary storm if investors tread carefully

Innovative and best in class healthcare companies should continue to grow, but the sector is not without risk, writes Berenberg’s Matthias Born

Clare Stirzaker, Boodle Hatfield
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Ensuring generational wealth transfer plans are fit for purpose

Philanthropy and ESG are increasingly important to wealthy families and need to be firmly embedded in plans to transfer wealth to the next generation

PWM cover 1222

Wealth managers guilty of a case of mistaken identity

Private banks have frequently got it wrong in their approaches to expanding their client base. Improving the diversity of their workforces would be a good first step to putting things right

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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