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From Asset Allocation / ETFs May 4, 2011

Exchange traded funds: is it time for greater transparency?


Pwm invited seven leading figures to discuss the different uses of ETFs in the European wealth management space and the major hurdles the industry must still overcome.

Structured products back in the limelight

With investors’ confidence returning in recent months, appetite for structured products, which were almost fatally wounded by the financial crisis, is on the rise

From Asset Allocation / Alternatives April 5, 2011

Allowing investors a smaller bite of the private equity apple

Private equity allows investors the chance to get at opportunities not available through public markets and funds of funds can provide a more affordable way in

An opportunity too good to miss

Emerging markets should form a bigger allocation in client portfolios according to a number of private bankers, but there are several ways into the market

Alexander Scurlock, Fidelity
From Asset Allocation / Equity March 3, 2011

Bright spots may yet cloud over

Investors have been largely underweight European equities of late, but inflows are improving with optimism driven by strong earnings growth in the North. However, there are worries that this may not be a long-term trend, writes Ceri Jones

From Asset Allocation / Equity March 3, 2011

Concerns drive search for alternative access

With worries over inflation and unrest in the Arab world, fund selectors are looking to move away from the big emerging market funds and towards other ways of accessing developing countries’ growth. Elisa Trovato reports

Farley Thomas, HSBC
From Asset Allocation / ETFs March 3, 2011

Innovative providers rise to challenge of an expanding market

As the European ETF industry continues to grow, providers are looking to more niche areas to gather new assets. However, with so many players in the market, is there potential for consolidation?

Iris Chen, China AMC
From Asset Allocation / Portfolio Management February 3, 2011

Asian players with a Western appetite

Western private banks may be looking East, but Asian managers are also looking to raise their profiles and gather assets from the US and Europe, writes Yuri Bender

Nicolas Gaussel, Lyxor
From Asset Allocation / Portfolio Management February 3, 2011

Human input vital for adapting quant models to changing markets

Quantitative investment strategies require sound financial judgement if they are to be successful in changing market environments

From Asset Allocation / Portfolio Management February 3, 2011

‘Quality strategies’ the smarter way to make excess returns from global equity

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