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Jian Shi Cortesi GAM Investments

Zero-Covid reversal boosts wider Asian region

Chinese stocks have surged following the government’s abandonment of its lockdown policy and provided a shot in the arm to the whole region

John Argi UBP

Hedge funds return to Swiss private banking menu

UBP is recommending a 15 per cent allocation to alternatives in a balanced portfolio, despite its experiences during the financial crisis

Mayur Nallamala, RBC BlueBay Asset Management

Have investors missed the boat on China’s equity rally?

Mayur Nallamala, head of Asian equity at RBC BlueBay Asset Management, believes there are still opportunities available in Chinese stocks, while the recent rally should benefit the wider region

George Bory, Allspring Global Investments

Bonds are back, says Allspring chief

George Bory, chief fixed income strategist at Allspring Global Investments, says fixed income is once again a welcome component in investors' portfolios as they look to diversify away from volatile equities

Raphael Gallardo, Carmignac

Geopolitics front and centre of Carmignac’s thinking

The French asset manager’s chief economist, Raphael Gallardo, speaks to PWM about the impact of the war in Ukraine, the future of Europe and the tribalisation of US politics

Matthias Born, Berenberg Wealth and Asset Management

Healthcare offers shelter from the recessionary storm if investors tread carefully

Innovative and best in class healthcare companies should continue to grow, but the sector is not without risk, writes Berenberg’s Matthias Born

Mark Haefele, UBS GWM

Investment outlook 2023: things likely to get worse before they get better

Equity markets could be in for a rough ride this year, although there are opportunities in fixed income and alternatives

Expert Series

How impact investing can help achieve the SDGs

Investing in projects associated with climate change, clean energy and affordable housing can ensure capital is directed to where it is needed most

James Corah, CCLA

CCLA acts as agent of change to address society’s ills

At the core of CCLA’s approach is the belief healthy markets require healthy communities, says head of sustainability James Corah

Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn, Aubrey Capital Management

European equities head towards calmer waters

The macro picture looks a little brighter than it did a few months ago, while European stocks are attractively priced, says Aubrey Capital Management‘s Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn 

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 2/4

Jersey has built a system of governance of charities, philanthropy and impact investments, establishing projects that help those in developing nations.

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